Mariachi Tierra Caliente
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For over 20 years, Mariachi Tierra Caliente has been entertaining audiences with their classic Mariachi repertoire. In Europe, they have been praised as the most authentic representation of Mexican folk music. Audiences everywhere fall instantly in love with the cheerful, sunny sound of the trumpets, violins, and guitars not to mention their breathtaking charro suits and sombreros.


Encounter with HRH Prince Bernhard 1991

Mariachi Tierra Caliente

Their performances over the past years include:

  • Opening concert of the "new Museumplein" in 1999.

  • TV show "Paradiso Live" with Los Lobos & Rowwen Hèze in 2000.

  • TV show children program "Klokhuis" in 2000.

  • 15 years jubilee in 2001 whereby concerts were given in the Melkweg, the Kleine Komedie, the Meervaart, the Bimhuis, Paradiso and the Concertgebouw.

  • TV show "Raymann is laat" (March 2004).

  • CD presentation “Sones, boleros ... y a gozar" (May 2004) Tropentheater Amsterdam.

  • 20 years jubilee concert in 2006 Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ.

  • “El Dia de los Muertos” in October and November 2007 and 2008, musical theater- and educational project Tropentheater Amsterdam.

  • Drijf-inn festival Oude Haven Rotterdam (2008).

  • Serie of concerts Werkteater Amsterdam (2008).

  • Snorro, musical theater project with Ro Theater Rotterdam, November 2009 up to February 2010.

  • Educational project De Wereld aan je voeten Concertgebouw 2012 and 2013.

Tierra Caliente is a flexible Mariachi orchestra that likes to experiment with new ideas. For example, projects by Tierra Caliente include Mariachi meets Jazz, Mariachi meets Salsa and Noche de Boleros & Rancheras.

Mariachi meets Jazz

Improvisation is not typically a feature of Mariachi music, as the structure of the music tends to be fixed. Nevertheless Tierra Caliente have found a way to give the individual musicians the room to improvise, resulting in a "new fusion"; the JazzSon was born! With the collaboration of other musicians, jazz experts like Benjamin Herman, Praful, Angelo Verploegen and Marco Antonio Sanchez, and with the percussionists Gerardo Rosales and Liber Torriente the "groove" gets even stronger. Tierra Caliente is as "hot" as bebop can be!

Mariachi meets Salsa

Using own arrangements reinforced with a complete rhythm section of bongos, congas, timbales and other percussion instruments, Tierra Caliente transforms into a first-class salsa orchestra.

An evening with Boleros & Rancheras    

This program specifically designed for theaters, is built around the music of José Alfredo Jimenez. Even today he remains the most famous and productive composer of Mexican folk songs. His music is like a journey into the Mexican soul, describing everyday life in Mexico, in which love, betrayal, hatred and anger play key roles. In short, a cocktail of feelings, Mexican style.

Mariachi Tierra Caliente

Mariachi Tierra Caliente

Mariachi Tierra Caliente

Members of Mariachi Tierra Caliente

Ramón Balderas Sánchez, lyrics and artistic director

Pedro Pozos Melo, violin

Claudia Valenzuela, violin

Humberto Albores Martínez, requinto

Stefijn Lehr, guitarrón

Jose Luis Fuentes Zárate, vihuela

Juan Muñoz Valdes, guitar

Joe Rivera, trumpet

Hans Leeuw, trumpet

Canek Cabrera Morales, trumpet

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